Organizing Committee Member

David Galan Madruga

David Galan Madruga


Health Institute Carlos III



Dr. David Galán is a scientific researcher (from 2004 up to nowadays) in the Department of Atmospheric Pollution (National Reference Laboratory for Air Quality in Spain) of the National Center for Environmental Health (Health Institute Carlos III), is the head of a functional unit in that Department and holds a PhD in Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry by Complutense University of Madrid (Mention of European Doctorate). Similarly, Dr. Galán is an expert in instrumental techniques by Faculty of Chemical Sciences

Research Area

Environmental Sciences, and in particular air quality, Development of sampling process for atmospheric pollutants (particles and gaseous), Characterization of atmospheric pollutants in outdoor and indoor air, Studies on the distribution of air pollutants and identification of hot-spot in studied surfaces as well as an assessment of sources apportionment,  Elaboration of risk maps, Modelling of air pollutants